Mezzini Bike Center offers a wide selection of guaranteed pre-owned bikes.

Whether you are taking into consideration and exchange or are looking for  used bikes, Mezzini Bike is the best choice in the Appennino.

Buying a used bike often allows, at a comparable price to a new one, to obtain a better performing vehicle, excellent when you are on a tight budget. .

Why choose a used guaranteed Mezzini Bike? Having an experienced staff who can, with years of experience, Mezzini Bike will give exactly what you need at the perfect price.

The experts of the mezzini Bike Center meticulously, examine the frame the structure as a whole,the shock absorbers and of the wheels, the state of wear of gear switch, crowns and pinions. Accurate exam of brakes, tires, handlebars. all of this to offer products at peak conditions in both performance and security.


The End of season

Every year we renew our stock to offer top of the line used bikes. To ensure this policy, every end of season we offer the bicycles used through the summer at a great discount. thanks to this we can offer Racing Bikes, MTBs and E-Bikes of high quality at great prices.

Here is a selection of our offers:

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