Rental E-Bike MTB BDC

Wide selection for E-Bike and MTB rental
Rental of racing bikes in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano

noleggio e-bike mtb
Noleggio e-bike mtb bdc

For further information please contact us through the site or at the 371-3534467

A wide selection of E-Bikes,MTBs (both front and full shock absorption) for rental.. We also rent racing, road and commuting bikes.

For a day, a week or the whole vacation, don’t hesitate to contact us to evaluate what we have available at the moment.

We also provide bicycles for large groups and whoever takes part in our excursions through the stunning landscapes of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, the Regional Natural Park of the Suviana Lakes and Brasimone and numerous architectural treasures, cultural wonders and taste both the fine wines and delicacies of the area.


Half a Day


Whole Day

from € 35 to € 40

Full shock abs. E-Bike

from € 45 to € 55

€ 25

Front shock abs. E-Bike

€ 35

from € 15 to € 30

Non electrical Bike

from € 25 to € 50


Half Day


Whole Day

€ 50

1 person

€ 80

€ 25 cad.

2 people

€ 40 cad.

€ 20 cad.

3 people

€ 30 cad.

€ 18 cad.

4 people

€ 25 cad.

€ 15 cad.

5 people

€ 21 cad.

€ 13 cad.

6 people

€ 19 cad.

We also make available for rental accessories such as helmets, sportswear, child seats for your baby’s transportation and carts for your pets.

Rental can include, on demand, home delivery for an additional cost.

½ Day: Pick up at 9 am and drop off at 12:30

Full day: Pick up at 9 and drop off at 19:00

To complete the rental process, the client is required to have a valid document and a non-prepaid card: said documents will be in the safekeeping of the shot until the end of the rental period.

For further information contact us through the site or call us at the 371-3534467

At this link, you’ll find the rental and general conditions of the service.


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