About us

About us

Mezzini Bros., since 1979

A point of reference for both Retail and Rental of bicycles, MTBs, Road, E-Bikes, exercise bikes, BMX, Child Bikes and Cargo Bikes, but also selling accessories and sportswear.
Bike shop equipped for MTBs and E-Bike assistance Qualified at 360 °.

Tour and excursions throughout the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano and Bolognese in collaborations with MTB Certified guides and the National Academy of Mountain Biking.


An enterprise started from the resourcefulness of the founder Vincenzo: through him the son Renato – Mechanic, and the daughter Fiorenza, in the activity of fuel distribution, discovered a passion and soon started to assist their father in the workshop and the tire dealership, while working at the carwash.

A passion for both off-road motorcycles and Endurance racing gave the idea on how to further expand their services: Retail and repair of motorcycles, paired with enthusiastic participation to races and competitions, earning great results in the process.

In just a few years, Stefano joins the company: this will be the Fratelli Mazzini that we see today.

“1985, steering towards bikes”

Nature calls, and in 1985 with the arrival of MTBs and the love at first sight with off road racing, the business expands his horizons once more, adding bicycles to the selection of wares.

Arriving in the 2000’, where the motorcycle racing becomes full-fledged, MTBs competition.

In 2007, after the complete renovation of the original shop in “Via della costituzione 316” in Vergato, the company creates its first dedicated shop and workshop for bikes.

Nowadays bicycles cover most of the business, keeping everybody busy around the clock.

In a suggestive and stunning scenery such as the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, the logical conclusion was to offer a professional Retail service, coupled with excursions and tours of the surrounding areas. Lastly, to offer the most extensive service possible on such a wide area, thriving with historical and naturalistic spots, the second shop was born in Gaggio Montano, in “Via Roma 82”

Today Mezzini Bike Center is synonym rentail and rental of all types of bicycles, accessories and sportswear. Experience and continuous updating to new trends and technologies, guarantee the utmost complete and certified assistance

Pioneers of Bike excursions and Tours throughout the Appennino Bolognese and Tosco-Emiliano.

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Renato Mezzini

Renato Mezzini

Workshop Foreman

The Workshop foreman. Certified mechanic, has always been a fan of both MTB and motorbikes.
Certified guide for both Extreme and Night Time excursions.

Stefano Mezzini

Customer Service

A 360° sports enthusiast.
He handles sales, warranties and the repairs of electrical components.
Trusted counselor for all the clients of Mezzini Bike.

Maria Pirrotta

Administration and Logistics

She is responsible for logistic, administrative and financial services.
Coordinates communication, rental, excursions, relations with associations and tour operators.

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